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24th August 2019

AAF: MVP Power Rankings

You’re in for a treat here! It’s week two of our MVP power rankings in the AAF. There are 5 new addictions already!

The Apollos have set the league alight and now take up 4 spots on our top 10 MVP candidate Power Rankings.

Unfortunately, this also means we’ve had to wave goodbye to 4 members of our week 1 MPV ranking: Joey Mbu, Orion Stewart, Terence Garvin, Trenton Thompson and Gerald Christian.

Without further delay, here are the week 2 MVP Power Rankings.

De’Marcus Ayers suited up for the first time this past week and somehow he’s managed to come out at number 2 across 34 wide receivers in overall grade – 87.2.

Primarily playing in the slot, Ayers bought in 5 of 8 targets for 80 yards. Every single reception he had resulted in him finding chains on every single completion. Next week should see Ayers remain in the top 10 as he takes on the worst statistical coverage team in the league – the San Diego Fleet.

Will Hill completely deserves his spot in this for being the definition of consistency over the past two weeks. In 124 snaps no player has broken a tackle from him and he has missed 0 tackles. His tackle grade is 2nd best in the entire league at 89.0. Whilst he’s also dominated in coverage situations allowing an average of 0.12 yards per snap.

Can we have Elite players in the AAF? I’m saying yes. Jamar Summers is an elite cornerback in the AAF. His averages are incredible with him allowing a play twice every 63 snaps which ranks him top of the list.

Want something even more impressive? Jamar summers has allowed NEGATIVE yards in passing situations, averaging out at -0.02 yards per snap – once again making him the top CB with a minimum of 5 targets.

Just to put to any doubt any of you may still have, his passer rating when targeted is 0.00. nilch. zero. nudda.

Dropping 3 places this week is Mike Purcell. The big-bodied stallion has outclassed any other interior lineman in the game when it comes to stopping the run. his 87.0 grade distances itself from any other in the league with the next best coming in at nearly 7 points lower.

Often the forgotten man, you’d be forgiven for thinking Purcell doesn’t do anything of note. However, the truth is that Purcell dominates the line allowing his team mates to make the play.

He’s going to need to be at this level of consistency next weak when the Stallions come up against the hot shots in red hot form.

Wolford fell back to earth with a thud in week 2 as he fell 5 spaces in our MVP power rankings. In the opening segments of the Hotshots victory over Memphis, you wondered where the leading MVP candidate had gone.

Throughout the second half the Hotshots found their mojo as Wolford went on a tear in the second half with 2 touchdowns from 6 completed passes for 137 yards.

From an uncompromised pocket, Wolford has been a machine this season ranking in at the top spot for passer rating with 126.7 (23/37 for 327 yards, 4 TDs).

Rashad Ross is a large part of the reason Wolford has played well this season. The slot receiver has taken 7 catches for 3 touchdowns and 127 yards all from the inside. Averaging a 3.27 YPC, Ross is showing the world why he should be back in the NFL.

The former Giant and 3rd-round selection out of Texas A&M has been the standout rusher in the league all season. In week 1 he pressured the quarterback NINE times and this past weekend he took that number up to 15 with another 6 against Matt Simms.

His grade puts him 10 points above anybody else coming in at 89.8. from 55 snaps this season Moore has sacked the quarterback 3 times, hit him 7 and hurried him on 5. A ridiculous stat line which will almost certainly see him lining up in the NFL next season.

Gilbert is dominating teams when quite frankly he shouldn’t be. Under pressure, his passer rating is through the roof at 129.7. from 16 compromised pockets, Gilbert has managed to find a receiver on 9 attempts. 3 of those 9 attempts found the endzone whilst the others went part way to making up 158 yards without a single interception.

I don’t know what else I can say, Garrett Gilbert, as of this moment is the quarterback the AAF has ever seen.

Charles Johnson set records with his performance in week 2. In every single completed target (7 from 10) he either moved the chains (6 times) or found the endzone (once).

The Deep game is where he seems to excel, picking up 120 yards on passes over 20+ yards, which leads any receiver in the league. He also ranks in as the best route runner in the league an average yard per run of 5.6.

Here’s another fun nugget for you, Johnson hasn’t dropped one ball at all in the AAF this season.

Last week Reaser ranked in as the 3rd most valuable player, this week he blew every other player out of contention. Reaser is without a doubt the leagues most valuable player so far.

Sealing victory for the Apollos against the Commanders with a spectacular pick 6, the 27-year old former Chief increased his grade to 93.3. No matter the position nobody grades high from an overall perspective right now.

For some reason, QBs continue to target him as a weakness yet from 20 attempts he has given up only 20 receiving yards. He’ even managing to stop the run grading in at a more than respectable 75.0.

Reaser could be a very special player in the NFL next season.

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