Many authorities of top clubs around the world have hired 3rd party sports scientists to review a coaches training methods, especially in times where the team is underperforming or their is active concern amongst the playing staff.

Roman Abramovich is no different, alongside searching for a director of football, the Russian is also trying to improve life for the players on the pitch as well.

The unnamed outsourced organisation, believed to be close to the club and the same team who conducted a review previously under Andre Villas-Boas, have been working with the clubs training staff since February 11th 2019 to try and understand the issues, if any, behind the scenes at Cobham.

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So what does this actually mean?

For Sarri, this is a good thing. The club has already reviewed the weekend’s incredible scenes at Wembley and has decided to let the director of football and technical director at the club make the final decision on management once they are appointed.

This move from Chelsea shows a desire to improve under the current regime. It may appear as if the club are undermining Sarri even further, but in truth, this is designed to help the understanding between players and coaches alike.

Specifically, the 3rd party organisation, who we cannot name for legal reasons, will be analysing player coaching methods. They will then produce a report with recommended areas of improvement.

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Once the report has been compiled the decisions on how to specifically improve coaching drills and techniques will come down to the Chelsea hierarchy to implement with the council of the 3rd party.

It will be interesting to see where things go from here but the intentions for improvement at the club are a positive sign in what has been a bleak period for the club.

Will Sarri keep his job at Chelsea?