The first ever AAF matchup kicked off 3 weeks ago with the Commanders standing their ground at home to convincingly knock off San Diego’s newest team. In the return fixture this past week, it was the top-notch Philip Nelson, Ja’quan Gardner and Terrell Watson who lead the Fleet to some much-deserved revenge, 11-31.

The Atlanta Legends experienced first hand how explosive Ja’quan Gardner can be last weekend. This week though, it was time for a new star to be born at running back, queue Terrell Watson.

Whilst Gardner was called upon throughout the Commanders kept him quiet for the majority of the game, game planning to stop Gardner had to be the one thing the Commanders had to get right coming into this game.

Watson however, was a completely different story and he continued to flow downfield picking up yardage as he went. Watson’s presence had a ripple effect in that it allowed San Diego’s newest hero called Philip to deliver consistent and accurate QB play.

As we moved into the second half Gardner refused to let people forget about him ripping off an 83-yard rushing TD. You’ve seen Kamara and Ingram in the NFL, you’ve seen Reggie Bush and LenDale White at USC, now feast your eyes on the best duo in footballs newest pro league.

The Commanders had some interesting moments of their own on offence as well. Logan Woodside’s beautifully thrown dime to Mekale McKay to open the game was spectacular. Unfortunately it wasn’t a sign of things to come for Woodside as he consistently failed to find his target throughout the game with two interceptions coming in the first half alone.

Things got to a point where even Marquise Williams, the Commanders backup quarterback found room for a few snaps but it wasn’t long before we saw Woodside return.

Midway through the 4th quarter, Williams returned to the fold again, throwing a bullet through to Josh Stewart before throwing away an easy touchdown on the very next down.

In fairness to both quarterbacks, it was the offensive line that cost San Antonio any chance they had of winning. The unit failed to buy their rock slinger anytime in the pocket whatsoever as he was nailed several times over.

Kenneth Farrow provided some movement for optimism but it didn’t take long for the Fleet to wise up and put a stop to his efforts. The commanders reacted by interchanging Trey Williams for his first sight of action this season, meanwhile David Cobb continued to provide nothing to help San Antonio take command.

If the Commanders running game continues to be ineffective and Woodside continues his stop-start performances then the early optimism in San Antonio will die off before long.

Keep an eye out for Trey Williams to see the ball more often as the season approaches the midway mark.

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