The Chiefs Captured More Than A Honey Badger


As quickly as his star rose in college football it fell to earth just as quickly in 2012 when LSU coach Les Miles announced that Tyrann Mathieu was suspended from the team for violating team policy. Tyrann had repeatedly tested positive for Marijuana. That year he entered a drug rehabilitation program and never played another minute of college football. Tyrann had hit rock bottom. His bright future had gone dark. Like so many other fallen stars before him. He was expected to fade into obscurity. Everyone but Tyrann Mathieu thought his football career was over.

Tyrann never cared for the nickname “Honey Badger” but there couldn’t be a more fitting moniker. Growing up in the Central City area of New Orleans had made him tough as nails. As a boy, his mother was not around and his father was in jail for a good portion of his childhood. Tyrann was raised by his grandparents and other members of his extended family. His grandfather died when he was five and Tyrann was then adopted by his Aunt and Uncle who raised him as one of their own.

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