The Alliance is taking the football world by storm and I think it’s fair to say that we know which teams are good and which teams are not. Pre-week 1 many fans saw the Atlanta Legends as a favourite to take home the spoils come April 27th. Right now though, I think it’s safe to say that they’re most likely the worst team in the Alliance this year.

It’s never easy to win on the road in any sport but a succession of losses in Orlando and San Diego has left the Legends in desperate need of a win. They’re not the only winless team in the AAF but they are the team that looks the least threatening on both sides of the ball.

Atlanta will be hosting the Birmingham Iron, who are arguably the hottest team in the league. In a comeback victory over a well organised and talented Stallions team, it’s hard to bet against the iron scolding everyone in their path right now.

I recently discussed how the fans in Atlanta would likely resist taking to a losing team and now I wonder if they’ll be able to attract even a reasonable sized crowd given their difficulties on the field.

Matt Simms seems to have convinced everyone but Kevin Coyle that he isn’t the answer at QB whilst Aaron Murray must be wondering what he needs to do to get the nod as the teams starting quarterback considering his extensive resume in Georgia.

The Legends playoff hopes are all but over at this stage, although it is still a mathematical possibility. It’s very rare to find a football team in the playoffs after losing their initial two games. In fact, only 10 of the past 91 teams in the NFL starting at 0-2 have ever made the playoffs.

if Atlanta loses their week 3 fixture, their season will be over. If by some miracle the Legends cross the finish line with a W on Sunday night, then fans could be forgiven for fantasizing about playoff football – albeit an uphill task.

If Birmingham are to guarantee a victory on Sunday they’ll need to stop a few players first. Tyson Graham has been a bright spot in an otherwise dark season so far for the Legends, scheming the cornerback out of the action would be a wise move.

On the opposite side of the ball the Iron defence will need to remain strong against Malachi Jones who made a name for himself in week 2 as he scored the Legends first ever AAF touchdown. Specifically it appears the former Chicago Bear has developed a habit of beating double coverage situations.

It’s difficult to see anything but a dominant Iron performance but this is the first time Birmingham have played on the road all season and as we’ve seen so far, those who have played at home have played far better than they have away. If, by some miracle Atlanta are to win this one they’ll need to put a stop to a few of Birmingham’s bright stars.

He’s taken passes to the endzone, he’s run the ball in and picked up yards in some impossible situations. Former NFL embarrassment Trent Richardson is the man Birmingham and the Legends need to put in a legendary performance against to even have a sniff in this one.

Luis Perez, although cooling since week 1 has been a consistent outlet of success from the quarterback position, it’s difficult to truly stop any quarterback in a league where rushing 5 players is the absolute maximum so Atlanta will need to be creative in their schematic efforts against him.

In case you haven’t worked it out yet I’m not banking on the Legends pulling a 180 on their fortunes. Football is a game where anything can happen but this is as sure thing as it’s likely to ever get in professional sports.

The Atlanta squad simply lack the talent to be able to compete at the top end of the league, I’ll take my hat off to them for turning up every week but there’s very little praise I can offer them right now.

I take no pleasure in saying this Atlanta team are becoming legends for all the wrong reasons.

Birmingham struggled to take anything off of Salt Lake last week but the Stallions are the unluckiest team in the AAF right now given the schedule they’ve faced in weeks 1 and 2. Therefore it’s silly to think Birmingham will come away without a victory.


Birmingham Iron 18 – 6 Atlanta Legends.