Now when you think of the modern era Patriots you think stuff like Dynasty, Tom Brady, Coach Bill and much more. Over the past 2 decades, the New England Patriots have been the big boys in the National Football League. They have won 6 Super-bowls and 13 afc championship games since 2001, winning 9 of those matches.

Since 2001 Tom Brady has been the starting quarterback for all of these achievements, however, it has not just been down to the future Hall of Famer for all these wins.

Defence Wins Championships

Bill Belichick has always be known as a defensive minded coach, Coach Bill has worked in the NFL since 1975 where he has worked many positions ranging from special teams coach all the way to head coach. Bill Belichick’s defensive mind is one of the best there has ever been and his defensive game plan from the New York Giants 20–19 upset of the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXV has been placed in the Pro Football Hall Of Fame.

New England Patriots HC Bill Belichick Is One Of The Greatest Defensive Minds In History
New England Patriots HC Bill Belichick Is One Of The Greatest Defensive Minds In History

In the year 2000, The Patriots signed Bill Belichick as head coach and drafted Tom Brady with the 199th overall pick in the NFL draft. Since then New England and Tom Brady have become the best franchise and quarterback in the NFL, however, this is not just because the Patriots have the best quarterback in NFL history (just my opinion-also fact!!) it has been somewhat to do with some of the best all round defenses the league has seen.

Yes that might be a big statement as they are not quite on par with the ’85 Bears, The ’76 Steelers or the 2000 Ravens but some of the defences over the years for the patriots have been very special. My question is: Is this seasons defence the best of the lot for the patriots.

As I think back of the past defences a few years stick out in my mind. 2001, 2003, 2004 yes these are Super Bowl winning defences and in my opinion, the ’01 defence won that Super Bowl pretty much singlehandedly.

Now I am not going to go through every year but I am going to match up this year’s defence to all of the past patriots Super Bowl defences.

Looking at these stats tell you that the years the Pats have won the Super Bowl they have had pretty good defences! After 5 games this season New England’s interceptions and sacks totals so far are extremely high for this time in the season. If they keep going at the rate they are going they will eclipse the totals of the previous Super Bowl winning teams.

Ok so yeah we are only 5 games into the season and the Patriots haven’t played the best teams so far but I believe this team will have the best overall defence of the Brady Belichick era.

Bradys offence so far hasn’t been its high powered self and the passing game has struggled a little bit but with the help from the incredibly talented D the Patriots this year will be very tough to beat.

Could the likes of Jamie Collins, Donta Hightower, Kyle Van Noy, Stephon Gilmore, and Devon Mccourty really out shine the legendary early noughts Defence including Teddy Bruschi, Rodney Harrison, Ty Law, and Willie McGinest?

We honestly don’t know yet but in my opinion this defence could statistical become the best of them all.

I plan on coming back to this topic once the season is over. Win the Super Bowl or Not. The New England Patriots defence has got of to a record start and I can’t see it slowing down any time soon.