The AAF certainly set the bar high in the first weekend of action. We saw huge hits, QBs getting benched, one-handed catches and a rare sight of Trent Richardson finding the endzone.

As I often do, I’ve rewatched the games several times over and here are my thoughts on the Alliance of American Football’s 2nd week in business.



The Legends are quickly scooping the title for the most dramatic team in the Alliance of American Football.

Head coach Brad Childress walked away a month before the opener where he was succeeded by Kevin Coyle. Rumours are rife with Childress returning to the NFL but at this stage they’re only rumours.

The savagely disliked Michael Vick was initially supposed to lead the Legends offensive efforts. Upon getting the job in April 2018 the former Eagles QB had this to say “I didn’t think I ever wanted to coach but talking about the game at Fox, I get excited like I’m out there playing again. But, it’s still not touching individuals. When the opportunity came about, I felt like I could really make a difference and give back to the game. …Once I found out it was in Atlanta, I thought it was a home run.”

Unfortunately Vicks role as offensive coordinator didn’t even last to week 1 after he was demoted to a ‘consultancy’ role. The speculation surrounding the positional change caused a stir with many believing he was moved because he was setting a poor example to players and was almost always late to team meetings.

Whether the Legends can turn around their fortunes remain to be seen but Matt Simms will need to do a lot more than he did against the Apollos if the Legends are to take anything from this game.

Mike Martz and his surprisingly good Fleet team were undone by their own mistakes, constantly turning the ball over when they needed it the most.

Perhaps the Commanders defence has portrayed an unfair representation of what the Fleet can accomplish?

Bercovici’s incredibly poor awareness and ability to read an offence is the biggest reason the fleet consistently stalled trying to move the chains. Head Coach Mike Martz even went as far as to bench the former Arizona State QB in favour of former East Carolina Pirate Phillip Nelson who very nearly lead the team back in spectacular fashion.

Ditching Bercovici was the first thing they needed to do if they wanted any hope of gaining a W in week 2. With Nelson under centre, I’d expect things to smooth out a little on the simple notion that Nelson takes care of the football – A trait the former Arizona man has never possessed.

I can’t see the Legends turning it round quite yet, although the home crowd might count for something I’m going with the San Diego Fleet.

San Diego Fleet 30 – 15 Atlanta Legends

Where to watch –
Atlanta Legends at San Diego Fleet (-9.5), 8 p.m. ET, NFL Network