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22nd April 2019

Have something important to say and think that you might as well be the one to say it?

If you write with us you’ll join our private writers’ group and be able to have a say in the direction of the platform and you’ll be able to voice your opinion to thousands of passionate readers around the world. Currently, We’re all volunteers and can’t offer payment at the moment – but we do our best to incentivise you with things like Adobe licensing and financial opportunities. Not to mention the opportunity to meet fellow writers, build your portfolio and get involved in a growing publication at the heart of fan opinion.

We welcome creativity and original points of view. We are currently trying to expand our audio/visual content in all areas, as well as writing on field and combat sports. However, we welcome any and all types of content.

  • Access to genuine, exclusive news in particular sports 
  • Opportunities to earn financial incentives
  • Opportunities to become a Sports Leader, earning responsibilities to mould the future of your favourite sports content.
  • We do try to incentivise in as many ways as possible, for example you can earn access to Adobe Licenses as well as access to various premium sports statistical databases. 
  •  Create content alongside some of the U.K’s brightest young journalistic minds 
And more…

How many articles should I write?
That depends entirely on you. We are never going to say that you’ve written too much or too little to a degree but we’d rather you wrote one or two pieces per week minimum over nothing at all. Don’t worry about rambling or going off at a tangent. We know all do it sometimes, LFS is about Opinion so the more of that we see, regardless of the direction we always welcome original thoughts.

How long should each piece be?
You may have seen we have a wide scope of what we consistent an accepted article length. Some of our betting pieces are less than 200 words, whilst some of our feature pieces are in the thousands. Typically, we ask for each article to be a minimum of 400 words but exceptions can be made if discussed with your sports lead editor prior to submission.

What should I do if I haven’t heard from anyone after 14 days?
If, after 14 days you’ve heard absolutely nothing from anyone then we would suggest using the LFS Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts to drop us a quick message.

I can’t write for a few weeks, what should I do?
The short answer is you should use our constantly active chat system to let us know. If you decide not to tell us and simply vanish, or a previously scheduled article hasn’t been written, we like to know why. Is it lack of time? Lack of interest? Ill health? Or are there other reasons related to your feelings about the topic?

Can I submit video or audio?
We welcome podcasts and original video content, you may have seen our podcasts for example. In some cases, the team will be happy to edit for the content providing it was LFS branded.

Are their deadlines?
We don’t usually specify a deadline unless we have a time conscious piece which is usually based off of breaking news and thus hard to plan for. It is helpful to us if you have the piece written in advance of the scheduled date if possible, however, say within 1 or 2 days. Occasionally, however, you may not have the time or inclination to write for a while, and we are still pleased to accept original, thought-provoking sports content that isn’t time sensitive or scheduled, however, it’s important to keep in constant communication with your lead editor.

Will I receive an acknowledgement?
This is your opinion, your original thought and that’s not something LFS will ever consider not crediting you for. When you write for us you’re given a log-in, your user profile after logging in will be attached to each of your articles.

Does it matter I miss a scheduled submission?
Typically this depends on circumstances but in most cases yes, it does matter. Not so much for Lazy Fan Sports but for the friends you’ve made along the way with LFS it does matter. When you miss a scheduled upload somebody else has to pick up the slack in order for us to hit our targets if you miss a scheduled piece the content doesn’t suddenly disappear it simply means that one of your friends has to give up their time to do it for you.

However, if you’ve been communicating with your sport lead editor then as per your circumstances you will be excused on these occasions without the workload being spread across the team. We all have lives and appreciate you have other interests in life.

Do we need new recruits?
We are constantly developing the LFS project and we try to attract people with under-represented opinion among the typical sports landscape. If you know someone who is very keen to join us, please ask them to visit https://lazyfansports.com/write-with-us. We prefer to hear from them directly.

Do you accept one-off articles?
At times we will be posting articles and opinions from editors not directly under the LFS umbrella, as a result, they write very infrequently. We don’t tend to encourage posting schedules of this nature but we’ll review the arguments for one-off articles on a case by case basis.

Do writers get paid?
Unfortunately we can’t pay you all yet but we do look to do what we can, currently, we’ve got a few incentives which you can view under the benefits tab.

Can I write across multiple sports?
You’ll notice some of our opinion writers pop up across different sports from time to time and you’re more than welcome to earn the opportunity to do so. In the past, we’ve had writers commit to multiple sports and as such fail to be consistent with any single sport, once you’ve shown us you be relied upon to provide content we’ll give you the keys to the city and let you write across sports.








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