WWE – Reigns attacker revealed and new tag champs

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We are days away from WWE’s second biggest show of the year, Summerslam, and WWE TV spiced up this week as Roman Reigns’ mystery attacker was revealed and another WWE legend returns for a match at Summerslam.

Someone’s out for Reigns…. and it’s Rowan

After he was squashed by some scaffolding in the conclusion to last week’s Smackdown, Roman Reigns was once again saw his life flash before his eyes as he narrowly escaped being hit by a car in the parking lot. Samoa Joe spent the night proving his innocence and offered to help Reigns after the incident. Reigns went to Smackdown the next night looking for answers. He finds and interrogates witness Buddy Murphy who eventually relents and reveals that Rowan was behind it. It seems that a feud is stemming between Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns, and this was a unique way of starting the rivalry.

Rollins get destroyed once again

Despite being pummelled by Brock Lesnar last week on Raw, Seth Rollins wanted some retribution for his injured ribs. He didn’t get too far however as Lesnar just picked up where he left off seven days earlier and destroyed Rollins again in the middle of the ring. I get that this is meant to garner sympathy for Rollins, but in this situation, Rollins looked like a fool and not very cool.

Bliss and Cross win tag-team gold

This week’s Raw saw new WWE women’s tag-team champions crowned as Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross won the belts in a fatal-4 way elimination match. Former champions The IIconics were first eliminated, followed by Fire and Desire, then the Kabuki Warriors. It’s a shame that The IIconics weren’t given much chance as champions, but I hope this means WWE will now put more focus on the women’s tag belts.

Ziggler mocks Goldberg

Dolph Ziggler was set to face Rey Mysterio in a match on Smackdown when he came down to the ring in typical Goldberg fashion, using his trademark theme and security guards. Ziggler then attacked Mysterio before their bout, meaning Ali came down to replace Mysterio, who Ziggler defeated fairly comfortably. For once Ziggler is looking strong heading into this marque match with Goldberg, but whether he wins or not is another question.

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FAME MMA UK – Weigh in roundup

Ahead of fight night tonight, FAME MMA held their weigh-in at the Jury's Inn in Newcastle yesterday...

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